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About Sunway International


The College

The college is situated in the heart of the capital city, Kathmandu. Mid-Baneshwor has come to be known as a college area as many good colleges have been established in this area for obvious reasons. It has good accessibility to the public transportation system and is near from every corner of the three cities of the valley. The college has ample parking space and open area for some fresh air. Even if it is linked with the main road, there is relatively peaceful environment in the college premises.

The college provides ideal environment for learning and knowledge sharing as part of its culture. The college also ensures that the students find a very professional feeling while at the college.


Library is one of the important resources for all the students and faculty members. The college has provisioned a pretty big space for library where they can get text books, reference books, magazines and newspapers to facilitate their learning. Further the wi-fi internet facility gives pleasure of surfing through web to find global resources on their laptops.

Classrooms and lab:

Classrooms are spacious, well furnished and carpeted with good air flow systems. Basically, it is made sure that both the facilitators and students feel at home when they are in their classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with Over-head Projectors and computers to facilitate learning using multi-media tools, as most of the classes need to be conducted using multi-media.

Learning methodologies:

At Sunway, we believe that learning is best done when the process is carried out in a fun and friendly atmosphere and when the learners understand the practical implications of what they are learning. So we are more focused on providing such welcoming experience through providing an accommodating environment to all our students helped with experienced facilitators. All our classes are run using multi-media which aid in audio-visual learning experience. We have quite a sizeable library stacked with course books and reference books and a well-equipped lab, besides the wi-fi zone aiding our students and facilitators to be in touch with the web anywhere they want within the college premises.

Our facilitators are quite aware of the fact that teaching-learning experience is more fulfilling when students keep themselves updated with conceptual knowledge of each subject and they are further polished with analytical exercises through case studies, assignments, quizzes, project works, researches and presentations. In fact, these are the bases for our idea of digging out the best of one’s potential.

To further bolster the confidence of our students, we carry out seminars, trainings and presentations inviting guests from various fields of corporate sectors and entrepreneurs as well. They are also given the opportunity of internships to actually replicate the theoretical knowledge in practical grounds.


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